Belgrade 15 - 17.06.2018.

Handball fantasy 2018 is the second tournament organized by the club. The first tournament was held in 2017 as a pilot project with participation of 20 teams with 32 crews and over 350 participants. We tested our organizational skills, and in the opinion of all guests, the tournament was organized at the highest level. This encouraged the management of the club to organize the Handball fantasy 2018 at an even higher level with the participation of 96 teams from 9 countries. The tournament will be attended by teams of champions and vice-champions of countries in the region, Arab states, teams from the Far East, and teams from Serbia. There are tours and sightseeing of Belgrade, visits to museums, socializing, and much more. . .
Zvonko Mrašić
SERBON Handball Club was founded in 2014 on the initiative of handball lovers and players and handball experts who wanted to contribute to the development of handball in Serbia and leave their personal stamp in this work. The basic vision of the club is to encourage children to play handball, and to educate young players as a preparation for their maximum sports achievements. The oldest selection in the club are boys and girls born in 2006 and the club currently has 76 members of both gender.
Jovana Stevanovski